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Whitten Heights honor goes to the dogs
Mar 21, 2013

Pet Prescription Team is recognized by two cities and the senior center for 10 years of service.

---By Daniel Hernandez, La Habra Journal


    The healing potential of pets and the spirit they instill in people inspired a former local marriage and family therapist 10 years ago to tap into dogs' natural instincts and start an innovative group.

    Krystal Emery,, director of the groundbreaking organization, established the Pet Prescription Team -- a group of volunteers who train their pets in obedience to help heal people.

    Last Saturday afternoon dogs trained by the pet prescription Team warmed the hearts of Whitten Heights' residents in La Habra as local government officials and the community gathered to commemorate both organizations for their tenth year working with each other.

    "I found that having a dog in my office helped kid to open up and ... talk about things they wouldn't otherwise." Emery said, describing the beginnings of her organization. " And I realized. You know what? Dogs are healing.


    Whitten Heights executive director Sabina Nayberg recognized the significance and warmth the dogs bring to the community that she helps run.

    She described a moment when one dog brought about a smile and some words from an Alzheimer patient who was known to never speak.

    "The minute the dogs walked by his eyes opened," she said about the patient who suddenly became coherent. "And he'll(the resident)start petting them and talk the minute the dogs pass by."